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The Rylstone-Kandos Show Society aims to promote our community, to showcase our passions and celebrate excellence.


The Rylstone-Kandos Show Society is a not-for-profit, member- based organisation formed to promote the sustainable development of our community and celebrate the excellence in our region.
We will do this by:
Providing a platform to celebrate excellence, promote our industry and educate our communities.

Attracting and retaining talented can-do people to promote engagement, learning and leadership in our community.

Acting as custodians for the maintenance and responsible development of our facilities associated with the Rylstone Show Grounds for the long-term benefit of our community.


The Rylstone-Kandos Show Society is a voluntary organisation whereby our Committee, our members and our stakeholders are encouraged to firstly enjoy their experience and interaction with our society and the activities we undertake. Through these activities we aim to increase the strength and fabric of our community.

Furthermore, the Rylstone-Kandos Show Society embraces the following values:
PLANNED: Be ambitious, be brave however in a strategic, considered, and agreed approach

INNOVATIVE: Be enthusiastic – adopt and support new ways of thinking to deliver the best solutions

INCLUSIVE: Everyone is welcome and we achieve our goals together

RESPECTFUL: Embrace our future whilst recognising and appreciating our heritage and diversity.